Sunday, November 29, 2009

WTF is wrong with people

Black Friday came and went, and here, in the Denver area, an 80ish year old lady was injured during a fight over a spot in line at the local, posh, shopping resort not mall, it is so yuppified, that it is a resort.
Remember last year, a guard was trampled to death in a WalMart. I find this all greatly disheartening, and it put me in somewhat a funk over the last couple days.

You know what, it is not gifts, or money, or possesions that are important.
It is the people in our lives that have meaning.
There are a few people who bring this to life for me.
Jae, nothing would be without you, not me, not anything. It is dark and difficult now, but it is all the better for you being here, shining.
Marc, you have done a lot, but mostly you just are, and let me be me. I am grateful however, and for better or worse, you are responsible.
Don and Ken, man, what can I say. You are the family I need when I need it, the friends all wish they could have. You have walked some hard miles with me over the last years, and helped me grow, and to wise up. Nothing else wraps it up better than thank you.
Bobbe, I can't say it enough, but I won't say it here, other than, it has been interesting, hasn't it. We have grown together, and have been there through the
storms. The winds still blow, but at least it doesn't suck.
There are others, Jay, Chuck, the rest of the clan, but for now, thank you all.


Blogger Jay said...

thanks for including me in that list, I am honored to know you and look forward to April!

6:52 PM  
Blogger chuck said...

I second Jay, Terry. Looking forward to the next time we get to hang out!

See you in April!

- Chuck

6:09 AM  
Blogger Don Rearic said...


You saw the buddha on the road and you killed him. There is no need for thanks although to be gracious I would offer back to you, "you're welcome." I've been deaf, dumb and blind on the hard road so many times it's not like I could even look at anyone else and say, "that's a stubborn bastard."

We're all stubborn. That is, ironically, also why we made it. Why we survived. The non-stubborn quit and die.


11:22 PM  

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