Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just one voice saying


Sometimes things in life, and the world in general back right up on you, and make you shake your head in disbelief.
When you have a martial artist stealing his friend and partners work, without credit, and cutting said friend out of the organization they made, that is chickenshit, and not worthy of a man, much less someone who proclaims himself a friend, useless turd. Bite me Bernard.

When you have corporations raping the environment, making it impossible for working people to survive, much less prosper, in the pursuit of greed for greeds sake, and a government that is staffed by the same bastards, how do you go on? When hard working men and women cannot afford health insurance, or have to wonder how they will pay the utility bills, because some
dollar sucking business whore needs another new vacation home or a $55 bottle of 'Bling"
water, how can you sit back and be quiet? When gas prices rise, and record profits are taken by
oil companies who are unapologetic about their gouging, how can you believe in justice and fairness? When those gas prices make your food budget unaffordable, how do you live?

When your government supports fat bastards who would whore their mother for a dollar, instead of the people, how can you have faith in elected officials? When the "elite" get commuted sentances, or special treatment, how can you believe in equal justice under the law?
When a city is still destroyed after a hurricane 2 years ago, how can you trust the government, when they are selling that city to their rich buddies?

When a liar, drug addict, drunk can claim authority from God to start an illegal, immoral war, and then ignore those who he works for, how can you believe in representative government?
When the VP can insist he answers to no one, how can you trust Executive Branch decisions, statements or announcements?
When our government supports repressive governments it likes, and supplies them with the money and tools of their oppression, but overthrows democratically elected leaders it does not like, how can you trust our foreign policy?
When the congress cannot or will not stop an out of control executive branch, how do you not think it is a dictatorship?
When corporations buy off all our politicians, but they limit our access and influence, how can you trust the Constitution?
When prisons are privatized, and war as well, how can you believe that we are still a just nation?

Where is the fairness inherent in being equal in this country. How can you believe in the American Dream when it is jerked further away everyday by those who have achieved nothing, save being the lucky result of sperm placement or theft?

Just tell them all, STOP IT, NO MORE, I WILL NOT WORK FOR THIS, OR PUT UP WITH THIS! In whatever way you can, because we cannot survive like this.


Blogger Dan Gambiera said...

Careful, dude. Next thing you know you won't be saying "Gawd Bless President Cheney and the Sock Puppet in Chief. What's good for Wall Street is good for surplus units of production like me." It'll all be downhill after that. You'll be reduced to reading pinkos like Chomsky and Barry Goldwater. And then you'll move to frickin' Orygun with the hippies and hang out with Sufis and stop listening to Rush Limbaugh.

6:23 PM  
Blogger Michael B. said...

True that Scarey Terry....but careful, you could be on a watch who isn't....good post pare..salaam

9:23 PM  

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