Sunday, August 03, 2008

A quickie

Hello all, been doing a lot of thinking since my last posts.
One thing I didn't realize before this episode was how many people read this blog,
and from how far away some of them are. It is awesome, and humbling to realize that people from Belgium, France, Germany, and Japan(too name a few) read this, and care enough about me to write me, and see if I was ok. It also makes me realize who and what are important to me. Bobbe, Jay, Don,Chuck, Rod, and Serge, especially, thanks for everything.
On to more important things. Take a look at the series of posts Don Rearic has over at the Reclussionaire. It is a stark look at the reality we are all facing, as the powers that be continue their quest to take over everything, and put the blame on us for being irresponsible. Particularly these two posts:
  • Salinas thinking

  • &
  • Jeffersons war

  • Scroll down his blog and read his response to Phil "asshat" Gramms "Nation of whiners" statement.
    The stress and tension are building here in the downtown area due to the DNC coming to town. I have a pretty bad feeling about this one. A little less than 3 weeks, and people are getting froggy, and violent already.
    Heat is getting ridiculous here. 104 on Friday, and not much cooler the last 2 days.
    Thats all for now, keep an eye out for more posts this coming week, as I have a couple reviews to do, and some other fun stuff.
    Take care of yourself, and those you care for, as its obvious our "betters" don't care.


    Blogger charles said...

    Hi Terry! Great to see more writing on the blog! and yes, we will nag you for even more. :-)

    Looking forward to the next time we can chat, Brother!


    12:02 PM  
    Blogger Don R. said...


    Yes, I have just about had it with people that have everything never having enough.

    There is no political messiah on the horizon, just more of the same looting bullshit...

    Strap on your seatbelts...


    12:14 PM  

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