Sunday, April 06, 2008

My take on the Rev. Wright "issue"

My take on this is that, among other things, it is hypocrisy at its highest.
Everyone one on the Right is freaking out and condemning Sen. Obamas pastor for
the "anti-american" things he said. While what he said may not be pleasant, they might be downright disturbing, but, they are not unpatriotic, or whatever horse-dung is being said.
He is simply stating what he believes is done in this country, of which, there is actually evidence to back up quite a few of his assertions. The Webb story on the CIA/crack connection is but one.

Now the hypocrisy comes in. Several months ago, in September, there was a Republican debate. It was called the "Value Voters Debate",
as if uptight, right wing conservatives are the only ones who have values... anyway, the debate opened with a choir singing this song...
(sorry, vid wouldn't embed, please cut & paste to watch)

Now, notice, they are complaining about what they see wrong in the country, and saying God should not bless our country.
Isn't that unpatriotic, anti-american, or whatever else is being said about Rev. Wrights opinions?

Just something to make you go hmmmm.....


Blogger Magilla said...

I hear ya Terry...Wright simply stated his opinion as a black man in America and guess what, as a white guy in America he was damn sure in the strike zone with his thoughts. If people don't believe that this country is a shit storm then hey are either filthy rich or dumber than stumps.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Todd said...

It's a rare Black man that age who isn't pissed off about America.

2:51 AM  

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