Sunday, October 12, 2008

What friggin year is this...?!?

For the last few days, Jae, myself, and the rest of our apartment complex have been
living a quasi pioneer life. On Wednesday morning, the main water heater went out, developed a crack, or something. Not a big deal. I used to work maintenance for a few places, a couple hotels, so I know it should be back on by the end of the day, beginning of the next, no problem. Except I didn't consider the lack of response from the landlord. Now we are here on Sunday, and just now got heat and hot water.
It has been dropping into the 30's at night, and with no heat, that is way to cold.

I think we made it through ok because of some of the survival habits I have, like extra blankets, candle lanterns, which reflect some heat, and the attitude that allows me to improvise.
On the other hand, I like being spoiled, you know, not having to boil pots of water to bathe, or wash dishes, or not relying on the oven for heat.

Now comes the clean-up that couldn't be done for almost 5 days, laundry, etc...

As the Chinese say, for this incident, and the last 3 weeks;
May you live in interesting times...


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