Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Well, we did something in this country that seemed, for many years, to be, at best,
unlikely, and in reality, impossible for much of my life. My country elected an African-American
as our President.
Congratulations, Mr. Obama. I hope everyone who voted for you will do the hardwork you spoke of
during your acceptance speech.
I definately think that the Republican party deserved the thrashing they received, and in some ways, think
they got off somewhat lightly, but now, the Democrats have an awful mess to clean up, and they are
just as responsible for getting us here.
You handed this man, our new President-elect, a shitpot of trouble, and it will take more than his speeches
to make this country right. We all will have to buckle down and get it done, whether we voted for, or supported
Mr. Obama, or not.
Unlike many of my friends, I have not posted any politically oriented articles, nor stated who I was supporting.
I did not know who I was voting for until I was filling my ballot out. But I sure as hell knew who I wasn't voting for.
I am, and will always be, unaffiliated, or independent, and refuse to vote because of a letter behind someones name,
and I do not support a two party system, so I am a third party voter. It is quite a switch, I used to be a reliably
Republican-leaning independant, until this incarnation of the party turned Republicanism, and worse, conservatism,
into a twisted, nightmare version of what it should be.

As a country, we have a lot of hard choices to make, and a lot of realizations we need to face up to. In the last 28
years, we have let this country turn into a dangerous, dumbed down, uncaring, selfish place. We have divided ourselves,
using the most idiotic reasons, to where we cannot get anything done that is important.

Please, for our country, do what you can to make it better, work for it, because an election is a new beginning, not a
ending to the problems we are facing.

Congratulations, Mr Obama, you got this mess to deal with, and I wish you well with it. All of our futures depend
on you, and us, fixing this.


Blogger Don R. said...


It's interesting that Obama is referred to constantly as "African-American." I mean, even if you ignore the time-honored traditional debate of hyphenated ethnicity, the guy is half white! If the guy looked more like Brad Pitt, would people still repeat the "African American" descriptor or title with a straight face?

If the guy was a republican, black people, on a national level, would have said, "Nah, he is half white, he isn't 'African-American.'"

Strange days...

9:54 AM  

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