Friday, March 26, 2010


Down here, you have to be aware of everything, words can mislead, ignorance can make you bleed.
Everybody has them, you just have to know where to look, and how to see. These ones, they're from riding the Horse too long, really bad times. This one, right here, taught me to watch their hands, always keep track of their damn hands. These show that even a Grandma will fight for her own, and some people use weapons, even if they're not fighters, when it is important enough. But these are surface, easy to spot, to some, they are a badge, to others, embarrassing. But look right here, can you see them? In the eyes. This one, this is when I lost my faith, when hope was killed. That one? It was when I realized how cheaply someone would sell me. The big one, right here, in the eyes, but so close to the heart, that is disillusionment, from finally seeing the world as it is, not what "they" say it is. That one never heals, sometimes it still weeps. But all of them are signs of growth, signs of strength.
Can you see them? Do you know where yours came from?


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