Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tossing an idea back and forth, mentally...

Lately, I have been doing a lot of writing, long hand on paper.
I have two separate tracks going. One is class materials, handbook, level material outlines to keep track of progress, the usual.
The other is more "esoteric" for lack of a better way of putting it. Through some discussion with Rory Miller and Marc MacYoung, I have started to write about reading people, places and situations in a way to keep yourself safe, and still enjoying the world. It has turned into a bigger thing than I expected. This has led to a question I would like to throw out to see what people think.
One of the precepts I am bringing out in this subject is awareness of self.
If you are not aware of yourself and your internal state, you cannot reliably read the real signals occurring around you. If you are angry, you can read frantic or scared as threatening, as an example.
So the question, in an adrenal state, how do you teach someone to access a"higher" state of internal awareness?
Any ideas? Am I trying to untangle a hairball that doesn't need it?


Blogger Jay said...

I think the hard part would be getting a person to that adrenal state. No matter how much we yell and hit someone, a part of them still *knows* it is just practicing.
Short of that, perhaps some sort of high energy work out and about a 1/3 to 1/2 of the way through ask them what their toe is touching, or where they are in relation to the surrounding people and terrain?

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Mike Blackgrave said...

A very hard question to answer. I have always felt that ones mental prowess is a part of each individuals personal makeup. It is a very daunting task to try and teach someone how to tap into it as most are not even aware they possess it. I call it the conjuring of the beast. Many people have asked me how I can train with such intensity as if I am on the verge of actually dealing death. For me it is and has always been easy. I truly have no qualms about injuring, or taking out someone who comes for me or mine. How did I build this resolve? I don't know, perhaps some of us are just born with a hard heart. I also believe a lot has to do with how you were raised, and by whom you were raised. I was raised by my father who himself was a rough SOB, former Airborne Infantry commando type..big game hunter etc. There was no room in the house for a soft demeanor. So with his heavy hands and hard ass attitude I just embraced what it was he was putting out. He taught us never to take shit from anyone. This then was pounded home by Uncle Sam. SO perhaps the answer to your dillema Terry lies in the make up of each and every student. SOme will never embrace that dark side while others will have it from day 1. But to teach it is the quandary. As for me I simply push my people with hard repetition and heavy contact to shove them into a desperate place where they must react with something, anything...often times being under duress and physical exhaustion brings out more tiger than they realized they had. It is the only way that I have found to drive that point home. Lectures don't work, sitting down explaining the pros and cons of mindset doesn't work as everyone will have their own take on it. But doing the work from a physical standpoint can work because for that brief moment of mayhem, you control it.

To get them to be aware of their surroundings is something they must experience as well..they must take the time and effort to do it...will they:? I don't know it's up to them..we can talk to them and show them keys until we are blue in the face, but one thing for sure, the human being is going to do what they think is right..no matter how much they train..it's their call. All you can do is provide the base of knowledge and hope they pay heed from your experiences and expertise. If not then they dismiss the knowledge at their own risk.

9:50 AM  
Blogger Bobbe Edmonds said...

Sorry to use your forum for this, Terry, but:

The next time you tell me I get too deep in MY articles, Blackgrave, I'm throwing this one in your face. Repeatedly. I'm going to pimp-slap you with it. Think of it as the fish-slapping dance, only with a bastardly long post response.

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