Thursday, November 08, 2007

Boker Plus/CLB Designs MPT

A review by Terry Trahan

Boker Plus/Chad Los Banos MPT Knife Review
A little note: I know it is highly unusual for an employee of the company
to review one of its own pieces. But I was impressed enough through the process of this knife that I had to. I usually limit my reviews to books, videos, and custom knives, but had to make an exception for this one. Thanks.

Technical Specs:
Steel: AUS 8
Blade Length: 3 3/4" OAL:6 4/5
Weight: 3 oz Sheath: Zytel

The newest design from Chad Los Banos to be made under the Boker Plus line
is the MPT,(Multi Purpose Tanto), model number 02BO591 for the plain edge,
gray finish, and 02BO592 for the partially serrated, black finish.

This is an interesting new design that solves a few of the problems presented when
one chooses to carry a fixed blade over a folder, which happens to be my preference.
First, the blade shape, and grinds are strong enough to handle anything a knife this size should, and stronger than most knives in this category. It is a fairly thick blade as well, making making it handy for outdoor and survival chores, as well as for the urban carry role it was designed for.
The blade shape offers a great mix of the tip strength of a tanto, with the cutting power of a recurve edge in the same knife. It makes for some great snap cuts as well as being very good at fine cutting, both in the kitchen, and in the warehouse at work.

The most obvious feature of the knife is the handle. This, in my opinion, makes the whole package come together. It is also the part of this design that solves the carry problem mentioned earlier. With the short handle, it can be carried in multiple positions without the handle biting and digging. Yet the handle is thick enough, and textured to provide a solid grip. If your hands are a little larger than average, you can do as I did, and add a lanyard or fob to the handle, and your grip is even more sure.
The sheath also helps with the carry possibilities, as it has multiple attachment points for any carry you can think up. I have used the following means of attaching the knife, and have not had any problem; Small TekLok, Large TekLok, G-Clip, J-Clip, Static Cord, and a Bro Clip from HAK. I have carried it in the following positions also; appendix carry, both 1 o'clock and 11 o'clock handle up and down, IWB strong and weak side edge forward, 11 o'clock appendix carry with the edge up/handle down, ala the Clinch Pick, and have not had one problem with any of the combinations I have tried.

To me, it is obvious that this knife was designed with urban/SD carry at it's heart, and I cannot help but think that the design succeeds at this. It runs through the flow drills like a dream due to the balnce and weight. As mentioned, the grinds and edge are excellent, and it pierces and cut everything I have put in front of it. The handle provides a solid, comfortable grip in reverse grip edge out, forward grip edge down,
and forward grip edge up. It is not as comfortable in reverse grip edge in, but it will perform in that grip.
All in all, Chad has designed a very good knife, and the price point makes it available to anyone who needs a good, solid blade.

Terry Trahan


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