Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Street Knife by MAA James A Keating

A review by Terry Trahan

The newest DVD release from MAAJAK is Street Knife, featuring Mr. Keating,
and Pete Kautz from Alliance Martial Arts and Modern Knives.
I would like to echo MAA Keatings words here before I get into more of the review;
this is a core DVD to add to your library. No matter if you are a beginner to the knife, or an old
player, you will learn from this. If this is your first time delving into the knife arts, this DVD will
serve you very well.
Ok, onto the review.
The DVD opens, as all of MAA Keatings do, with an overview of what he will be teaching. I find this
very helpful, as you already have an outline of the material in your mind, and can "file" it appropriately.
After this, the teaching begins. After a brief talk about the responsibility involved in carrying a knife for
self defense purposes, and the reasoning behind the Street Knife curriculla, Mr. Keating briefly covers some basics
on carrying and opening of a folder, and positioning the carry of a small fixed blade. I agree that not much time should
spent on this in a video presentation, it is a personal responsibility to teach yourself this. With the points presented, it
will be an easy task for the beginner to find the best way for them to proceed.
Next comes the instructional meat and potatos.
Basing this course around the simplicity required of a true Street Knife course, all the drills and skills are based off
of four motions. Two low line, and two high. Variations and logic chains are built off these basic positions.
As Mr. Keating points out, this is application, not art, although it is skill. It is a simple, easy to learn series of logical
movements you can count on in the high stress that occurs in a real assault/fight. I do have to say that the first low line
response is my favorite, but all are well thought out, demonstrated, both in drill form, and with a demo of the dynamics
involved in a real deal jam. This last point to me is a gem. To often, drills are presented, and the impression given that
you will do them in a "static" drill format when using them in the real world.
After the drill portion, we come to a segment on skill development. With an eye to the fact that alot of people must train
alone, or only have infrequent partners, MAA Keating tilts his skill development to solo trainers.
I will not give it away, but the tool used in the first segment on skills development is conceptual thinking at its best.
Many will watch it and be dismayed or dismissive, and not try it. This would be a big mistake on their part.
It developes skill, and rapidly. It has been added to my kit, and it is affordable as hell.
Next, a segment on misdirection/stage magic is given by Mr. Kautz. In a visual continuation of the "Magic Trilogy"
hosted on Alliance Martial Arts, and with credit to the authors, MAA Kautz brings you through two misdirections
that are easily applicable to knife work. Pay attention to this part!!!! If you work the concepts taught, it will add to your skill
level immensley, as well as help with survival. As MAA Kautz points out, it may help score a date as well. Hey, who says conceptual
knowledge is not univeral in application.
I highly recommend this DVD. If you have Street Knife and Hellbows, you are well on your way to combative proficiency, if you train the
Thanks for reading.


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cool review.
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somehow I got on the wrong comment section, I meant to have it with the knife review.
Any pictures of the knife.
The review of the video is good too, Terry.
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