Thursday, March 17, 2005

Whew,what a week

So far this week has been a trip.Both good and bad.Work is getting more stressful,and the economics of the business are becoming a big issue,so plans are being put on hold,which really sucks out loud.My first stab at advertising/publicity campaign is going well,though.
On the home front,Jena and I are starting to really get in synch with each other,and working towards the same goals,and making some progress towards them.
I am really looking forward to Guru Plinks Serak camp.I haven't been to any kind of silat
training in a group for a couple years,so I'm a little nervous.The last time was a workshop given by Guru Plink here in Colorado,neat bit of symetry.That was the year of the heart blood clot.
Zulfikari continues to go well,and learning to teach is helping to keep the art in it's context.
Waiting on a package,so I might put a review up here,depending on what is in it.
That's all for the journaling for now.
Thanks for reading.


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