Saturday, March 19, 2005

Wow,how kewl....

I got my 5 Minute Miracle tapes in the mail yesterday.
For something that looks so simple,you sure get the feeling that there is power there.
I will be posting updates as to my physical improvement,as well as progress throught the
I.D.E.A and Hero's Journey portions of the course.
I really like the way Mr. Barnes explained the chakras,and it is a good model to
arrange your life and needs..
Lifewriting is simply amazing,although a little scary,when you look to see how much work,
and darkness there is to go through.But,I am confident that I found the program that will help.

Other than that,life is good,and I am happy.I plan to write some stuff on knife carry,and concealment this weekend.

Thanks for reading.


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