Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sorry for the lag

To my entire one reader,sorry I have been slow on the posting this week.
Alot of stuff has been going on,and I am still new to this blogging/journaling thing.
Zulfikari is continuing to reveal itself to be a great art for me,the body movement is great,and the principles of the art are wonderful.
For some reason,I'm still having difficulty performing the Dasars to any decent level,but the Juru,langkah,and latihan are progressing well.I'm working on the second level now.

On the mental front,I'm being more honest with myself,and realizing events,and how they effect me,before it becomes an issue.
The Be Breathed/5 Minute Miracle method isn't just a great work out,but helps with the mental work necessary to become a better,self-directed person.It seems easier to find center since I've been doing them,as well as easier waking,and more energy.
Scott Sonnon's work is simply amazing,but I need to work up to it.It is advanced.

There is something just on the brink of my mind/spirit that is brewing,and seems big,but I haven't discovered it yet.
Well,more later,thanks for reading.


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