Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Lessons from Katrina

It is such a horrible tragedy, both what the storm wrought, and the utter
failure of every level. From the individual, who should have evac'ed, and survived, to
all levels of gov't for screwing around in one way or another.(but, esp the Mayor and Gov)
But, this is the single biggest source of survival lessons and info that has come in my lifetime.
I have a few items I will post about in the next few days, but, to all readers, what have
you seen and learned in this.

And as I close this tonight, I pray for all my fellow Cajuns, and Southerners, and hope NO
will come back. It is a sad time in my family.
Thanks, guys.


Blogger Dan Gambiera said...

For what it's worth, our prayers are with you and yours.

Todd & Tiel

2:15 PM  
Blogger Ken Cook said...

Hey Terry,
Like you, I've got a lot of family down there. By now, everyone is pretty much accounted for and there's really not much surprising coming out in the way of "Survival Lore" but then I didn't really expect that.

I suspect that among the "Lessons Learned" will be the less glamorous (but critically important)things that most wannabe "Survivalists" don't want to address. They'd rather talk about their favorite "Shower Gun" than discuss "boring" issues like Field Sanitation, Survival Water and Food Storage To Prevent Contamination Via Waterborne Pathogens, etc.

I think however, we'll find the actual Survivors of Katrina (SoKs?)will have developed a newfound respect for such issues.

Looking forward to hearing what you've picked up on the matter.

8:47 PM  
Blogger Thanato Tim said...

I think you have more family in storm-affected areas than you might know. Your Biloxi Trahan relatives are Camille (1969) and Katrina survivors. And I mean SURVIVORS. These folks are the real deal. We take care of our own. I think your grandfather was Leo, and your mom is Ingrid, who is my first cousin. Lots more of your relatives were affected by the lesser-known, but more powerful and damaging storm, Rita. The Rita survivors and the Katrina survivors not located in New Orleans did not sit around waiting for handouts.
Keep up your mission. You are a Man with a capital 'M'.

3:10 PM  
Blogger Terry said...

You are right, Leo was my Grandfather, and he is the source of my "mission" with what he and Anna taught me, and Ingrid is my Mom.
Please get in touch with me through email, available through my profile. I would love to talk with more Trahans from Leos side of the family. He really was the man, and a great hero, who started me on this path.
Thanks for the words, and the update.

3:16 PM  

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