Monday, January 19, 2009

Required reading

Since I have started teaching, I am putting together a required reading list for the students. Here is what I have so far, what would you add?
Violence, Blunders & Fractured Jaws, Marc MacYoung
Ending Violence Quickly, Marc MacYoung
Taking it to the Streets, Marc MacYoung(yours truly in the pictures)
Real Fighting, Peyton Quinn
Meditations on Violence, Sgt. Rory Miller
Don Rearic dot com
Indonesian Fighting Fundamentals, Bob Orlando
Real World Self Defense, Jerry Van Cook

There are others, but I haven't decided on the importance yet.

Teaching, learning, and a recommendation

It has been a really good time so far this new year. Not without its challenges, and moments that would test the patience of a saint, but a time of growth, maturing, and having old blinders taken off.
One thing that has been very interesting, I have been teaching. I started teaching one guy in my apartment. That grew in to 3 people. Kind of crowded in our "small" place, but doable. Now, through Rajas' contacts, we are having a weekly class at Auraria campus, with 5 people. Quite a bit of growth, in a short amount of time.
One of the students is so into this, that she also books one private a week, and I love to see someone pursue this so much, with so much attention.
When you teach, you always want to make sure you are teaching to the student, and the level they understand the reality of this huge subject. If you teach for your ego, or just for what you want, it is a giant dis-service to the people who choose to train with you. We are starting slow, learning how to chain motion efficiently, covering our openings, and entering. The greatest tools that we have been using are Badan Dasar, Hubud, the corridas, and Draw the Bow and Spin the Wheel.
It is interesting to see how each student takes the info, and works with it. It definately shows the mental place each comes from. It will take a while, but these kids are good, and learning at their own pace, but relatively quickly. I am proud to be a part of this.
Got one of the best books I have read in a while this weekend. I have finished the first read through, and am going through it again, with a highlighter, and a notebook. It has been a while since any book has done that for me.
So, what is this book, you may ask.
Meditations on Violence, by Sgt. Rory Miller. It had been recommended to me by a couple people I respect, and I finally broke down and bought it.
I am serious folks, save your pennies and buy this. If you train martial arts for self defense, or teach for the purpose of self defense, you need this book. It cuts through the crap, and lays it out there. Since the recommendations, I have started reading Sgt. Millers blog, and I must say, it is captivating. You can see a link over in the link bar. Do yourself a favor, and start reading it, and buy the book.
Get it here:
  • Meditations on Violence

  • Please, get it.
    Thanks, Terry

    Thursday, January 08, 2009

    Bobbe ...

    Bobbe Edmonds, beer Nazi, writer, Silat/Kali teacher, and one of the
    Brothers, is going under the knife for his back, looks like sometime today,
    if it hasn't already happened.
    Keep a thought for him, pray, or whatever you do, please.