Thursday, March 22, 2007

22MAR07 R.I.P Pak Herman

Today marks the 7th anniversary of the passing of Pendekar Herman Suwanda.

I never studied with him, or his system while he was alive, but through friends, I have
begun to learn Mande Muda, and have a greater appreciation of him, and his art.

I wish I had a chance to meet you, Pa' Herman, and the world is a better place for
you having been here, and worse off due to your passing.

Saturday, March 10, 2007



The past as indicator of the future

My Brother, Bobbe, has been making a series of posts on his blog, which you can
link to from my link bar, talking about the past life he used to have, and how he has
come to be where he is now. Bobbe and I have similar backgrounds, not in the details,
but in the overall. I was lucky enough to avoid the homes.
One thing that stands out in his posts, and conversations we've had about them,
is the way that we are not what was predicted for us. For the most part, we are successfull,
fairly well adjusted, albeit weird, adults. And not one person from that former life would have thought it possible.
There are things that you cannot tell people who haven't lived it, and things that no one
would ever think effect you like they do, and to those people, I say good, you do not want to
know what that life is, or what it does to you, but it does not lead to a good life, on the average.
Not many people make it out, much less end up leading a non-borderline life.

There is no amount of sympathy that can help you through this, there is just hard work, realization, tears, and the encouragement and support of close friends, who in reality
are the families we chose for ourselves. No individual comes through this alone, and you lose
a lot through the process, but it does make you more appreciative of what helped you through it.

So, in the spirit of what I am appreciative for, and all who made this possible, I'd like
to say thanks for believing in me, and giving me the strength to be what I am now;
Jae, Mushtaq, Bobbe, Marc, Don, Todd & Tiel, Brandt Bollers, the V-boys, the GPC 's,
Aaron, Erin, and many more.

First an update

I guess I need to learn some better time management, and not let events control
me so much that I neglect things, like this blog.
The biggest thing that has happened since last I was here is I changed jobs. I am back
at Boker, and things are going very well. At least that part of life seems to going well,
and the stress is definately easier, especially now that I have my department under control,
and more caught up.

It looks like there will be no permanent damage to my finger, and I have full range of
motion, and no noticeable weakness. I love having the pin out, and not wearing that damn splint
any longer.

Damn, I love rock n roll. I have been lucky enough to see Tracii & LA Guns 3 times
in the last 6 months. Tracii is a great guy, and one of the most under-rated guitarists in

The weather is finally getting into the spring time groove, and almost all the snow from
the blizzards is gone, at long last.

I know that my wife and friends are the greatest thing to ever happen to me, and have
helped me grow into what I am now, Thank You.


Take care of yourself, it's the least you owe yourself.