Friday, July 08, 2005

How dare they do this

Another bombing by cowardly, shit sucking, wannabe Muslims.

A group that does not understand even the simplest aspects of the sunnah of the Prophet(saws),or the Qur'an.
What a bunch of fucking cowards and less than human scum.
Notice that these sub-human beings don't have the courage to face a real challenge or threat,
just unarmed,unaware,and unwarned citizens,doing their jobs and living their lives.
I wish death and destruction on these losers,and the lowest pits of hell to them.
We,as a people need to rise up,and tell them,"This is not your religion,it is mine,and
you WILL NOT use it as a cover for your depravity!"
Or, as my friend and teacher, Mushtaq says"Not in my name!!!",and I too,challenge you
but know that you are to cowardly to take it up,seeing as I am a man,not a baby going to school on a bus,fucking backwards ass piece of shit.
Fuck you, Scum,you dishonor the Prophet(saws),Allah(glorious is He),and the deen.
I hope you rot on this Earth,and in hell,where you belong!
Worthless pieces of human suet!

RIP Tucker,I miss you,little buddy

Sorry for the post lag,my work is still crazy,and the stress level has been through the
Wednesday,I came home to find that one of my cats had had a stroke.
Tucker was an American Tabby,weighed 12 pounds,and had been run over twice,
shot with a staple gun,fought dogs for food when his previous owner neglected him,
and was the quietest of our three cats.
Sadly,there was nothing that could be done for him,and so,Jena(my wife),and I
had to make the decision to put him down.He went peacefully,and his last memory was
getting his chin scratched by Jena.
This last year has been so shitty,and now,I miss my cat.
We had him for 15 years,well,Jena had him for 15,I had him for 7 1/2.
Samson and Thomas miss their brother,and are crying for him,and looking for him.
May he have peace,and know we still love him.
A very sad day for us.