Sunday, November 16, 2008

No computer means no posting

Hey everyone, I'm sitting here at a cyber-cafe as I type this.
Why? Because my home computer crashed. Thanks to a great friend, I should have it back soon, but til then, I will keep in touch the best I can.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

My position, abortion, rights in general

After some wide ranging discussion with some people who read my last post, I think I should clarify some things. I am not a fan of abortion at all, and for the most part, think it is wrong, and unnecessary, considering medical advancements we have made in the last few decades. But, it is not my place to impose my morality, through government force, on anyone. People have to make their own choices, and they also have to live with the consequences of their choices. There are also medical situations that I can see where an abortion may be a viable option, if not the only choice. So, if you want to classify me in modern political speech, I would be pro-choice/anti-abortion. Quite a dichotomy, eh? It is not as big a twist as you may think. An individual has one right from which all others come from, and that is the right to make the choices he/she sees fit. The minute you try to regulate any one choice, you are infringing on the rights of all. After all, your choice may be the next to be infringed. In my world, rights are inviolable, even if I don't agree with how those rights are used. It is not left to me to judge, that is left to God. I just make the best choices I can, with the intellect and spirit I have been given, and know that I will be judged on those. I expect no more, and no less from everyone else.
Clear things up better?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

STFU Already

Well, that didn't take long.
The election is not even 24 hours in the past, and the Republicans are whining
about all the reasons they got beat, and not realizing why they really lost.

Do you want to know why you lost, Mr. & Mrs. Republican...
Look in a damn mirror. You, from this joke of a president, the lamest of lame ducks,
to this idiotic "Joe the Plumber", to you, and me, as I had a hand in this, because I, too,
voted for George W. Bush once. It is your own damn fault this occured, and you need to realize it,
and fix what went wrong before you deserve another shot at getting this countrys' trust back.
I have never seen such a betrayal of core principles, and such blatant manipulation of fears
and abuse of power then with this party leadership, and everyone of you that followed it deserve
to live with what your party did, and became.
What betrayal, you might ask. What is the core principle of Conservatism?
To be left alone, to rise or fall on your own, and to be fiscally responsible.
What has happened to the "modern conservative movement"?
This party has engineered the biggest transfer of wealth, from us, to greedy, selfish businesses,
in history. Instead of putting strictures on this, it is open ended, and being made up on the fly.
How the hell is this fiscally responsible??? And where is the personal accountability for the CEOs
and others? I guess we have to wait til they get back from the spa treatments, and spending their bonuses
before we find out if they will take responsibility or not, eh?
On down the line, every step of the way, every leader this party has, both politically, and culturally, have turned
Conservatism into a joke, and they continue to.
A few examples...
Rush Limbaugh( best described by my Brother, Don, as a pompous assbag), Shawn Hannity, Bill O'Reilly,
and a host of other radio & TV personalities lying, not calling its own leadership to task, and being nothing but the worst kind
of populist propagandists. "Oh, it's fine to loot the Treasury to bail out some millionaire, but it's 'Socialism' to provide health care
for poor people!" is but one example

George Bush, and the Republican Congress spending more money than all other Presidents combined, and leaving it for future
generations, to pay for.

Fighting a war that was not needed. The facts are in folks, Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11, even the Commander-Guy said so,
and every reason they gave has been proved, at best, an exaggeration, and mostly, a batch of lies.

Torturing innocent people, admitting they are innocent, but refusing to release them, even though it is admitted that there are no charges
to be brought... this is respect for life? This is protecting us?

Cronyism run rampant. Michael "Brownie" Brown is the best example, but this administration is rife with it, from him, to Harriet Miers,
to Julie Myers, not a one of them had any experience for the jobs they were given. But they seemed to have the one thing George valued most,
not critical thinking skills, not common sense, but a personal loyalty to him, and a big Republican contributor in the family.

Using fear to control & divide the populace. Whether it is news of some losers "training" to attack a military base, to fear of someones religion, color,
or choice of lifestyle, it all points to not having anything to offer the public, so make them scared, and they will beg us to make them safe. And it worked for awhile.
But not anymore.

Divide and conquer. Using wedge issues to divide people, and using the resulting friction and gridlock to do what you want. Abortion... it is not a thing to recommend, but it is none of your
business if someone has one. Are you against abortion, don't have one, and help people so they don't have to have one. Don't like gay people? Don't be one, but leave them alone, and they will
leave you alone. Scared of Muslims? Talk to one, not all are fanatics, and you may make a friend, or you might find that you don't like them, but they are just people like the rest of us.
Religion, and the so-called war on religion. You know what, I don't care, and neither should you. Religion is personal, and should stay that way. Live your life, and let others live theirs. If you
are right, you will get your reward, if someone else is right, they will get theirs, but it doesn't effect life here.

The ultimate betrayal of Conservatism. Government should never be used to push a private, moral, or religous agenda. A Conservative believes in letting each person choose their own way,
and suffer the consequences of those choices. A Conservative helps people, because he may need help himself. A Conservative defends the rights of others, because they are his rights as well.
If you allow anothers rights to be squashed, yours are next in line. But most of all, a Conservative believes in doing right, because it is right, not winning at all costs, not lying, and not cheating
to get his way. They do not loot, they do not violate the Constitution, and they do not, above all else, intrude in the private life of others.

None of this is meant to imply that Democrats are blameless, by any stretch of the imagination. But, as someone who leans more conservative than not, I am angry about my beliefs being betrayed.
And worse, I am furious at the lack of personal responsibility that people calling themselves conservatives are exhibiting now.
It is because of these reasons, and more, that you lost us, and this election.
It is high time for some deep introspection in the conservative movement.
STFU already, you have enough problems to deal with.


Well, we did something in this country that seemed, for many years, to be, at best,
unlikely, and in reality, impossible for much of my life. My country elected an African-American
as our President.
Congratulations, Mr. Obama. I hope everyone who voted for you will do the hardwork you spoke of
during your acceptance speech.
I definately think that the Republican party deserved the thrashing they received, and in some ways, think
they got off somewhat lightly, but now, the Democrats have an awful mess to clean up, and they are
just as responsible for getting us here.
You handed this man, our new President-elect, a shitpot of trouble, and it will take more than his speeches
to make this country right. We all will have to buckle down and get it done, whether we voted for, or supported
Mr. Obama, or not.
Unlike many of my friends, I have not posted any politically oriented articles, nor stated who I was supporting.
I did not know who I was voting for until I was filling my ballot out. But I sure as hell knew who I wasn't voting for.
I am, and will always be, unaffiliated, or independent, and refuse to vote because of a letter behind someones name,
and I do not support a two party system, so I am a third party voter. It is quite a switch, I used to be a reliably
Republican-leaning independant, until this incarnation of the party turned Republicanism, and worse, conservatism,
into a twisted, nightmare version of what it should be.

As a country, we have a lot of hard choices to make, and a lot of realizations we need to face up to. In the last 28
years, we have let this country turn into a dangerous, dumbed down, uncaring, selfish place. We have divided ourselves,
using the most idiotic reasons, to where we cannot get anything done that is important.

Please, for our country, do what you can to make it better, work for it, because an election is a new beginning, not a
ending to the problems we are facing.

Congratulations, Mr Obama, you got this mess to deal with, and I wish you well with it. All of our futures depend
on you, and us, fixing this.