Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hello all, difficulties and learning

Well, this place got dusty in my absence. It turns out that trying to do blogging from the mobile is possible, it is definitely a pain in the ass, and I find it impossible to load pictures that way.
So, because of this, and other reasons, I have been experimenting and made a few changes. I am now able to use the laptop to go online again, so I should be picking up on the posting here. Got a few reviews to do, a couple knives, a new sap, some articles that I have been working on.
There are some big changes going on with life, and associated things. Jay opened up a school for the KSMA, and I am looking forward to him coming out in June.
Probably going to change the links bar when I gather all the info I found in my sojourn into mobile living.
It's funny, when one thing starts to change, it seems to go in a wave, and when those changes become difficult, you really find out who your true friends are. I do know I am grateful for the ones who are still here.
Well guys, talk to you soon...