Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Enough of the crap

Hello everyone, I know it has been awhile but things have been really busy in mostly a good way.
One thing that I noticed that has been bothering me prompted me to post here before I had other
things written like I planned.
There has been alot of rancor and bullshit floating around the martial world of late, and it seems
to really have been excessive in the southeast asian arts arena. Quite frankly it is stupid and childish.
No one worth having as a student is going to believe you are the deadliest mofo on the planet, and it is
not the way to prove it by talking shit about other instructors. Really, grow up, that is elementary school
behavior, and should be below an adult, much less someone claiming to be a warrior.
If you were in an organization with someone but now are not, you really make me question you and your
judgement and skills if you say your former associate has no skill. Really? Then why were you together for
years and vouch for him. What changed, other than you are acting like an immature ass.
If I am your friend and I am also friends with someone you don't care for, deal with it on your own.
People are more important to me than clubs or ego games, so I take relationships pretty seriously.
Get used to it,as that is also how serious I will treat our relationship.
In closing, save your breath, quit throwing what amounts to spoiled tantrums and train. Isn't that
what brought us to the arts anyhow? So someone does a different silat than you, that speaks to him, as yours
speaks to you. Let it go, we all have enough work to do on ourselves.