Thursday, June 23, 2005

Gawd damn bastards,the lot of them

I can't fucking believe this shit!The gawd damn SCOTUS,which should now be called SCROTUM has driven yet another nail into the coffin of freedom,liberty,and private property.
Oh,this isn't some stupid,little,incremental stripping of our rights,OH NO!
Now,any fucking corporate,greedy,shit sucking,ass licking bastard who can bribe or confuse
a City Council can condemn and seize any Citizens property,under the most misguided reading
of the Eminant Domain doctrine I have ever heard.
I have nothing I can say right now,I am too pissed,and anything else I will write would be even more incoherent.
More later,if they don't seize my apartment or computer.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

WeaselCraft pt.Deux

We have established that weaselcraft is the way of surviving a confrontation,and going home.
Which is,of course,in line with the first rule of WeaselCraft,I don't care,I'm going home.
But it also is the way of surviving,period.
How many people have a manner of looking at the world that enables them to make it home.
Not as a by-product,but as the culmination of the plan?
And it involves more than fighting,guns,and knives.
Can you take care of a medical emergency?How about avoiding a riot,otherwise known as E&E?
Don't limit the skills or knowledge you have,everything is important,in it's context.
What skills do you think are important for this goal?

Naive Liberals

In my last post,I had mentioned that I considered most liberals to be naive.
Now,I did not post that because I wanted to be offensive,or because
I am an arch-conservative,because I think most of them are as messed up,in a different way.
I said that,because,no matter what evidence is before them,they always seem to want to go
for the most fluffy,feelgood answer before them.
Like homelessness.Now,I was homeless for quite awhile,and also worked in the homeless
field,even ran a halfway/transitional house for them.Among all the plans to "eliminate homelessness as we know it",like the one by our lovely Mayor,Chickenlooper,none of them will work.Why?Because some homeless choose it,
some are fucking nuts,and some need institutionalized care.Also,if you give people stuff,instead of making them work for it,they won't respect it,and they will ruin it.We had some projects that finally got sold to a developer.When the developer finally got inside them,40% of the units had no toilets,plumbing,or wiring.It was all sold for crack money.Yet,we are going to provide more free crap for the same kind of people.Naive,or stupid?
That is just one example,and I will post more about homelessness again in the future.
But until then,check out

Monday, June 13, 2005

Political posting

When I started this blog,I swore to myself I wouldn't post political stuff.
In my opinion,right now,politics is nothing but a game being played by people who have
no idea of the rules,or consequences they make us live with.
I will start by saying where I am coming from,and in subsequent posts,expand on what
I see as the problems being caused by treating politics as entertainment,instead of really running things,and taking care of business.
First off,I think Ronald Reagan was the best President in my lifetime,and definately in the
top 5 in our history.I also think most Republicans in Congress are poseurs,and RINO's.
I am pro-military,very pro-gun and self defense,anti abortion in most(like 98%)cases,
anti-neocon,pro-freedom,and against government intrusion into our lives.
I think most Liberals are hopelessly naive,no matter how educated they may be.I
would abolish most welfare programs as they exist,insist on personal responsibility,
with equal amounts of charity and compassion from us as a population,more importantly,
I despise the lying taking place on both sides,and the absolutely insane,whiny,bitchy,
mealymouth bullshit the two major parties are throwing.
I am pro-War on Terrorism,but very adamantly against both the way it's being run,and
the things being done in it's name.
I mourn the loss of true leadership in our country,and am scared shitless at what is taking
it's place.I also dread the fact that noone seems to care,or notice that America is in real
danger of disappearing,no matter which of the 2 parties has power.
With that,I'm going to organize my notes,and post more later.
Thanks for reading.

Book tag

I have been tagged by Tiel of
for the Book Game.Thank you,and now I shall show the paucity of my current
reading collection.

Question 1)Total number of books I own.
Currently,I have about 300,I just sold alot of them,and continuosly trade them
at the local used bookstore.

Question 2)Last book I bought.
For the fiction section,it would be Brothers in Arms by Marcus Wynne.
For non-fiction,I can't remember if it was the original,autographed copy of
Delta Force by Col. Charles Beckwith,or The Sun Will Rise in the West,by Shaykh Taner.

Question 3)Last book I read.
Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body,by B.K. Frantzis(thanks Gerry,it's good)

Question 4)Five books that mean a lot to me.
This is a hard one,because I have owned thousands,and read more,but I'll try;
1)Firedance by Steve Barnes(of ),because it changed my
2)The Christ Conspiracy by Acharya S,because it shows the importance of critical
thinking,no matter what side of the argument you fall on.
3)The Sun Will Rise in the West by Shaykh Taner Ansari,for speaking to my spirit.
4)Cheap Shots,Ambushes,& Other Lessons by Marc MacYoung,for starting me on
the path I'm on now.
And 5)Combat a l'arme blanche by Fred Perrin.Although it is only available
in French right now,it is a great book on all aspects of knife work,and was a great gift from Fred,
and I will always treasure it.
Damn,that was hard to limit it to those,but that is probably the best representation
of my best reads.
Thanks for reading.