Monday, October 11, 2010

Interesting times???

Went down to the college to teach this weekend, and it was turning into a really good class. I had given the guys an assignment to go to the hardware store with $15.00 to buy as many items that could be used for self defense as possible. We were engaged in the show and tell, discovering how devious I have turned them all when Jae's phone rang. It was one of the tenants in the apartment building we manage.
Some idiot had taken a hard left directly into the front of the building.
Now, there are no driveways in the immediate area, a bunch of parking meters, a big bike rack, and a fricking building, along with a bunch of kids at the fire fighter museum next door. Apparently Mr. Mini-van driver decided he was going to turn anyway.
Luckily, no one was hurt, the damage was mostly cosmetic, at least cosmetic enough we all weren't homeless.
The kicker was, the asshole didn't even apologize. His only comment to us, the people he could've made homeless, the owner of the bike shop on the first floor(who was in the window the jerk hit), and the rest of us was, "it was an accident".
The gall of some people...