Sunday, April 06, 2008

Obtaining information

I have always been a firm believer in seeking as much info as possible, as it makes
surviving so much easier. And remember, WeaselCraft at it's core is about surviving.
It doesn't matter much to me what the bias of the source is, as long as my own mind is still working. If you can't extract information from any source, and see how it effects you, you need to learn how to. Drop your own biases, and just take the info for what it is.
Unfortunately, what passes for news in our country is either propaganda directly from the government, or what the corporate powers want us to see. Oh, wait, isn't that the same thing? Corpratism/fascism are awful close together.
Anyway, here are some of the places I go for news, info, and sometimes, entertainment.
As with everything I do, I am sure there are plenty of things to piss off most everyone in this list, as there are far right & far left, as well as some "conspiracy" sites here, but it is all info that effects us, so it is good to know.
Thom is a classical liberal, in the sense of Thomas Jefferson, and provides good insight into things effecting our country, and the world. He also constructivly engages the Right on his show.
Alex Jones' site. Lots of straight news with a Big Brother lens.
Some veers to conspiracy, but, it is consistently correct in data, although some conclusions he reaches, I do not agree with.
Mike Rivero, also of the GCN radio network, deals in straight info, basically just links to other sources. Man, the world is scary when you read it all.
Biggest list of headlines I've found
A great hub for survival information. It is all links to different websites run by Kurt Wilson, who is a genius when it comes to actual survival, and he does not sell Gucci Gear.
For news from the Middle East, which is kind of important to pay attention to.
Amy Goodmans radio show, very informative, and not part of the false left/right argument. This one does fall squarely in the socialist/anarchist arena.
Another Pacifica radio show, same as above as far as inclination.
Both DN & Flashpoints report on many things you will never see covered in the MSM

I will add more later, and further update the links section.

I would just like to remind everyone, you don't have to believe the bias to get the information. Listen, read, learn, and make up your own mind.
Thinking is the best, most important part of surviving.

Weaselcraft profile pics

Thanks for the comments on the profile pic.
It is actually one of a two piece that was going to be a T-shirt several years ago.
Unfortunately, that never worked out, but here are the two pics together.
Sneaky, eh?

My take on the Rev. Wright "issue"

My take on this is that, among other things, it is hypocrisy at its highest.
Everyone one on the Right is freaking out and condemning Sen. Obamas pastor for
the "anti-american" things he said. While what he said may not be pleasant, they might be downright disturbing, but, they are not unpatriotic, or whatever horse-dung is being said.
He is simply stating what he believes is done in this country, of which, there is actually evidence to back up quite a few of his assertions. The Webb story on the CIA/crack connection is but one.

Now the hypocrisy comes in. Several months ago, in September, there was a Republican debate. It was called the "Value Voters Debate",
as if uptight, right wing conservatives are the only ones who have values... anyway, the debate opened with a choir singing this song...
(sorry, vid wouldn't embed, please cut & paste to watch)

Now, notice, they are complaining about what they see wrong in the country, and saying God should not bless our country.
Isn't that unpatriotic, anti-american, or whatever else is being said about Rev. Wrights opinions?

Just something to make you go hmmmm.....