Friday, August 21, 2009

Interested in training with Rory Miller?

I've mentioned Rory Miller here a few times, way more in real life.
He has been on a contract in the Middle East for the last year, and posted
that he is coming home.
He also posted that he is thinking about teaching, doing privates, and seminars.
If you're interested, click the link in the list to the right, or
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    Great group, very worthy cause

    I'm posting this because I think it is a great thing to be doing.
    If you can, support this. If your near one of the seminars, attend, you will
    learn some of the best self protection skills ever.
    The first International Senshido Charity Event is coming up quick, September 26th is right around the corner and we would sincerely appreciate anyone and everyone's help in promoting this worldwide event for us. All the proceeds for this event will be given to local charities.

    The Montreal, Canada Senshido Fundamentals of Personal Protection seminar on September 26th 2009 from 12 to 6pm income will be given to the Welcome Hall Mission/Mission Bon Accueil located in Montreal, Quebec(the Children's division) & will be held at Leriken Functional Fitness (formerly the Senshido school) at 680 St. Catherine Street west, 1st floor, Montreal, Quebec.

    9 Countries/10 Cities participating and contact information for details, info and costs for each:

    The Senshido International Team:

    Montreal, Canada: Richard Dimitri -

    Tampere, Finland: Ville Kaivonen - Contact

    Mexico City, Mexico: Ian Hodgkinson -

    Sheffield, England: Craig and Debbie Welsh - & Adam Cooper -

    Beirut, Lebanon: Georges Fahmy -

    Tucson Arizona, USA: Dominic Alexander -, Tara Burke - & Dusty Alexander -

    Washington DC, USA: Glenn Wilson -

    Liege, Belgium: Rod Fiardi - or

    Sydney, Australia: Dominic O'Neil -

    Aukland, New Zeland - Phil & Athena Thompson -

    We would most sincerely appreciate it if you could share this info on your blogs, facebook pages, forums, websites, etc. without spamming of course... every bit of help counts as we aim to collectively donate over $20,000 to local charities worldwide. If this event is successful, we shall be holding it annually and as our team grows, so will the donations to the charities and so will be helping thousands worldwide.

    All charities have been checked so please don't use the excuse that charities never give the money where it is suppose to go, although this is widely true, it isn't of every charity and the ones specifically chosen by the team were chosen carefully and with good conscience.

    Thanking you in advance for your help.

    The Senshido International Team

    Thursday, August 06, 2009

    He's baaack

    For those who have been wondering where the Godzilla of combative arts has been,
    Amo Guro Michael Blackgrave has a new website, to go with his newly minted
    teaching vehicle. Check out
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  • as he already has a couple articles, a video, and a great explanation of his methodology.
    Welcome back, Mikey.