Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Just a few thoughts

I haven't had a whole lot worth writting about lately,but want to keep a journal going,so,a few thoughts are in order.
Taught a private lesson in Zulfikari last night.It went really well,and Hubb is starting to catch on.Man,teaching is tougher than assisting,but I'm learning more as I do it.
Having friends is a good thing,and I have been blessed with many,and have been lucky enough to talk to most of them in the last 2 days,or so.
Mushtaq has a great post about poetry on his blog today.It is something I wish were more
in vogue,I think it is a great art form,and tool for mental and emotional health.
Well,thats it for now,thanks for reading.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sorry for the lag

To my entire one reader,sorry I have been slow on the posting this week.
Alot of stuff has been going on,and I am still new to this blogging/journaling thing.
Zulfikari is continuing to reveal itself to be a great art for me,the body movement is great,and the principles of the art are wonderful.
For some reason,I'm still having difficulty performing the Dasars to any decent level,but the Juru,langkah,and latihan are progressing well.I'm working on the second level now.

On the mental front,I'm being more honest with myself,and realizing events,and how they effect me,before it becomes an issue.
The Be Breathed/5 Minute Miracle method isn't just a great work out,but helps with the mental work necessary to become a better,self-directed person.It seems easier to find center since I've been doing them,as well as easier waking,and more energy.
Scott Sonnon's work is simply amazing,but I need to work up to it.It is advanced.

There is something just on the brink of my mind/spirit that is brewing,and seems big,but I haven't discovered it yet.
Well,more later,thanks for reading.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Knife carry considerations

A lot of times,I am asked for advice on carrying a knife for Self Defense.
I personally think a knife is a great tool/weapon,and can be used for many different things.
I also believe,after years of this kind of thing,that much care and thought should be put into
the selection,carry,and use of a knife,long before you belt one on,or clip it to your pocket.
I am not going to get into the specifics of mentallity,how to dice someone 27 times in a second,or any of that,there are plenty of other resources for that.What I want to talk about is more intrinsic,almost organic.How does the knife want to be carried and used?I personally favor small,some would say very small,fixed blades.I can carry a few in different places,and be comfortable.I admit,my knives are custom made for how I carry them,but that is not necessary.With my LaGriffes,which I rotate,1 screams for neck carry,that is how to get the most comfortable draw,the quickest,and where it fits.Another of the Griffes is made for pocket carry,strong side,or weak.It fits a pocket better,the weight and balance is not optimal for neck carry,and it screams out of the sheath.
Now,I have others,and some clipped folders,bit the point is,experiment,play with the knife,where does it feel best,where do you feel comfortable carrying it?Where is it quicker to
draw,etc.Play around with this for awhile,get it down,and then don't change the carry position,ever!It must be more than habit to draw the knife,for it to do you any good,so
find where it should go,and leave it there.
Hope this helps someone,and thanks for reading.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Wow,how kewl....

I got my 5 Minute Miracle tapes in the mail yesterday.
For something that looks so simple,you sure get the feeling that there is power there.
I will be posting updates as to my physical improvement,as well as progress throught the
I.D.E.A and Hero's Journey portions of the course.
I really like the way Mr. Barnes explained the chakras,and it is a good model to
arrange your life and needs..
Lifewriting is simply amazing,although a little scary,when you look to see how much work,
and darkness there is to go through.But,I am confident that I found the program that will help.

Other than that,life is good,and I am happy.I plan to write some stuff on knife carry,and concealment this weekend.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I woke up

I awoke today,and my eyes were opened.
I saw the world today,as if for the first time.
All the years melted away,and the sunrise was a rebirthing.
I turned,and saw the beauty of life,and the sacred Divine.
My small corner was brightened by the knowledge,
and my eyes were focused.
I awoke today,and,thankfully,my eyes were opened,
by the Love of the Divine,through my mate,and
into my life.

Thanks for reading

Whew,what a week

So far this week has been a trip.Both good and bad.Work is getting more stressful,and the economics of the business are becoming a big issue,so plans are being put on hold,which really sucks out loud.My first stab at advertising/publicity campaign is going well,though.
On the home front,Jena and I are starting to really get in synch with each other,and working towards the same goals,and making some progress towards them.
I am really looking forward to Guru Plinks Serak camp.I haven't been to any kind of silat
training in a group for a couple years,so I'm a little nervous.The last time was a workshop given by Guru Plink here in Colorado,neat bit of symetry.That was the year of the heart blood clot.
Zulfikari continues to go well,and learning to teach is helping to keep the art in it's context.
Waiting on a package,so I might put a review up here,depending on what is in it.
That's all for the journaling for now.
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Some dark realizations,I'm sorry

You know,when you start looking at the way you lived your life,some nasty dark things can come up.
As I try to become more self directed and aware of what and why I do things,it's amazing to realize how much control of my life I gave over to other people.
Especially sloffing off the thinking for myself part of being a whole person.
Due to this tendency,I have probably hacked off quite a few people who I would like to be friends with.
I have one person in my past,in particular,who took advantage of this weakness of mine.
He would get on the hunt against a person,system,whatever,and use me as one of his pitbulls.And the sad part was,I never questioned.I just assumed that he had my best interest at heart,so I would return the favor.It really sucks to realize that I was that gullible,and that stupid.I mean,I'm fully capable of pissing people off on my own,but to have done it under a different intent,and not for myself is discouraging,not to mention shameful.
There really isn't a way to go back and change what I've done,no matter the motivation,or
how I did it,it is my responsibility.
But,I can try to do it different from now on.
So,for all the people,especially in the Martial Arts realm,but anyone,who I allowed myself to be used against,I apologize.
The more I read,and meet some of you that I hurt,the worse it makes me feel.
And from now on,if I am confrontational,it will be for me,and done with a level head,in debate,
not in reaction to someone else's directives.
Thanks for reading.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

some links that are important to me

One thing that I think is coolabout the 'net,is the amount of people I've met,
and their websites.Most of this will be SD/MA oriented,but not all.
First on the list is my Brother,partner in crime,and best friend,please goto An amazing collection of articles,reviews,and soon,some of my stuff.
Next,the silat style I study,although I am a rank amateur,goto and the blog of the senior instructor,Guru Mushtaq Ali Shah,
Next,in no particular order,some other friends,family,and good sources of info.
and finally,where I work;

Friday, March 11, 2005

A little about me,and this blog

I am hoping to accomplish alot with this blog.Mostly,I am looking to journal as I begin
a program of self improvement.
Along the way though,I will probably talk about my wife(7 yrs.,ain't that cool!),
Pencak Silat,Kali(the art,not the Goddess),weapons,and self defense.Those are the big passions in my life.
I have had a very good,and very crappy life,sometimesat the same time.I am working on
getting through alot of that,and not just reacting to what comes down.I
also am wanting to do an integration of the mind,body,and spirit,which is never easy.
I am considered by some a decent self defense advisor/instructor,so I will share insights there
as the ideas form.
I have also been lucky enough to meet,and become friends with a wide variety of expert
level people in a lot of fields.When they put up something cool,I'll try to link it.
Finally,at times,I will probably bring up religion and spirituality,which is another
big interest,and is near and dear.
Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mushtaq questions

For Terry 1. What are the best and worst things about Colorado?### The best thing about Colorado are the sunsets/sunrises.The climate is tolerable.The worst thing is the increase in population since I've grown up here.### 2. Tell us something that you have done in your life that you know you got right?###Gave my daughter up for adoption to a family that could care for her,and loved her.Hard to admit,but that is the best,least selfish thing I've done.### 3. What is the most important tool in your toolbox, and why?###That is a 2 parter.First is my brain.With the brain I have been given,I can figure out anything,with enough effort.The second part is my heart,which gets me through life.### 4. What is the strangest thing you have seen in your life?###Ooooh,that's a hard one.The first thing that comes to mind is all the weirdness in the bouncing/concert security days.But,the thing that confuses me the most,and what I think is the strangest,is the way people treat the ones they profess to love.### 5. A hundred years from now what will people remember you for?###Being someone who tried hard and did his best,I hope.###
These questions came from Guru Mushtaq Ali's blog,The Traceless Warrior.
As soon as I figure out the whole link thing,you can go there from here.



Hello Everybody

I have better hopes for this Blog.
I intend to use it to share info on survival,street smarts,Martial Arts,Self Defense,Silat,etc...
I also intend to do some journaling,as I work on becoming a better person.
Gotta answer the question game from Guru Mushtaq as well.